Career Planning, Change
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Career Change Strategies

Career Change Services - Louisville, KYWhether you have lost your job, hate your job, yearn for a career change, are reentering the job market, retiring or just starting to consider college and career options; Successful Transitions, Inc. offers strategies for achieving career success and satisfaction. All packages may be customized to meet client needs.

Our services include:

Career Assessment Testing

Clients participate in a comprehensive personality assessment process that gives them exceptional insight to effectively approach career change, the job search campaign, early retirement lifestyle planning or high school to college / college to career transitions.  Utilizing the Strong Interest Inventory for work tasks orientation and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for work style fit, you will have the opportunity to process both instruments to develop career targets compatible with your personality style and create an action plan to get started in your new direction during this 4-session process.


Job Campaign Services

Job Search Campaign Services include but are not limited to:

  • Campaign Analysis: An in-depth review of your job search to date providing alternative strategies for success.  Recommended for clients who have been seeking employment 3 months or more.
  • Branding Strategies: Develop a clear, concise professional identity.
  • Resume Development: Create a job-winning resume and learn how to get it noticed in the on-line job application process. Your resume will be targeted to what you want to do now and branded for use in creating or upgrading a Linked in Profile.
  • Job Lead Development: Learn all of the tools and techniques for prospecting job leads.
  • Internet Strategies for Job Market Research: Learn to research all aspects of job, career, corporate, industry and trend information for a competitive edge in the job market and interview process.
  • Networking & Using Social Media: Making critical connections to access the 80% of jobs that are never advertised.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan Development: Create a plan to organize your actions and time for job search success.
  • Interview and Negotiation Strategies: Learn what it takes to get the call-back and compensation package you deserve.

Job Transitions Groups

Job Transition Groups offer job seekers proven strategies for career campaign success, job search coaching from a top career strategist and the opportunity to network with accomplished professionals like yourself for a special group rate.  The group meets 2 days a week, in 2-hour sessions, for 6 weeks.

College Major Decisions

A Career Assessment process that helps High School Juniors and Seniors understand what they need to be happy and successful in college and career and develop strategies for selecting compatible college majors and learning environment to optimize opportunities for success.

Pre-Retirement Lifestyle Planning

Retirement can provide wonderful opportunities for growth and fulfillment!  Whether you're single or have a partner with whom you share your life, you can greatly benefit from developing skills to plan your leisure activity or "third life" career for maximum enjoyment.  Learn to assess your needs for individual, couple and group interaction time and how to locate interesting activities to meet those needs. Couples are welcomed! (Financial Planning not included).      

Career Coaching for On-the-Job Success

Career Coaching provides strategies for maximizing your work performance, visibility and mobility in a rapidly changing workplace.  Coping with corporate politics, diverse management styles, mergers, acquisitions and downsizing can be an exciting though sometimes frustrating experience.  Coaching can provide a non-threatening opportunity to vent, an unbiased viewpoint, insight and perspective on workplace dynamics.  Also, learn how to prepare for and affect a positive performance evaluation.




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